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After yet another year of providing excellent customer service and reliable trading tools to its clients, InstaForex has been recognized as the top Forex broker in China and the rest of the region to live up to its reputation as a premier investment company.
During the China International Online Trading Expo last May 9 and 10 in Shanghai, InstaForex was awarded as the Best Broker in Asia for 2014, marking the 10th straight year it has earned the prestigious title. Expo officials lauded InstaForex for continuously improving its trading services and for introducing unique bonuses and campaigns that are aimed towards getting more people into the Forex. Through its initiatives, it has gained global popularity which can be seen in the more than 1.5 million clients it has worldwide, with Asian traders claiming a sizeable percentage.

In attendance at the Expo were thousands of market players including representatives of the world’s largest Forex brokers, international investment firms, and top market analysts who  took part in the festivities to establish links and business opportunities with each other. The two day program discussed the latest developments in the market such as trading signals, social trading systems, and other technological advancements that make the Forex accessible to more traders.

Join InstaForex and the rest of the Forex community when the Expo happens once again next year.


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